Game 7 Tonight! Boston Bruins Vs. Tampa Bay Lightning

Game Seven TONIGHT — the Bruins are playing the Lightning at TD Gardens! I am looking forward to a great Friday night of fun and excitement for one of the greatest professional hockey series I have ever experienced. I always love it when a series goes to the seventh game — it makes the games so much more exciting, although I regret to say that the Bruins’ history of performance in the seventh game of various series is less-than-perfect.


I don’t think I need to remind you of the recent past Bruins heartbreaks, but I will anyway:

  • 2004 Eastern Conference quarterfinals, 2-0 loss to the Canadiens
  • 2008 Eastern Conference quarterfinals, 5-0 loss to the Canadiens
  • 2009 Eastern Conference semifinals, 3-2 loss (in overtime, nonetheless) to the Hurricanes
  • 2010 Eastern Conference semifinals, 4-3 loss to the Flyers


This year, though, I am confident in the Bruins ability to pull out a victory. Here are some reasons why:

  • The Boston Bruins team environment. This series against Tampa Bay has been exciting, and the team is ready to work together to pull out a victory for tonight’s game.
  • Krejci’s shooting. Krejci had a great game six against the Lightning, with four shots on net. Even though the Bruins lost the game, Krejci’s performance in game six created a strong momentum for tonight’s game seven.
  • Lucic’s desire to beat Lightning and go on to his hometown of Vancouver for the Stanley Cup Final series. Read more about Lucic’s background here.
  • Home ice advantage. Bruins fans are the best, and they are ready and waiting for their home team to dominate tonight at TD Garden.


I love hockey, and my cousin and I will be watching our hometown’s team together tonight on the big screen. In the hours leading up to it, though, I will be playing NHL 2011 through Online Dougie, creating some competition online and gearing up for the big game! Go Bruins! Go Boston!

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