Boston Bruins Tomorrow Night!

I love playing NHL 11. The Bruins’ success this playoff post-season make playing NHL 11 even better for me. I love the Bruins, and I have been a fan my entire life — born and raised Boston Bruins fan.

Tomorrow, the Bruins will have had seven days off total between their series agains Philadelphia and their series against the Tampa Bay Lightning, giving the Bruins ample time to rest and practice. I’m not sure if anyone is more excited than I am about tomorrow night’s game — maybe the Bruins themselves. Mark Recchi commented yesterday to Matt Kalman, “It [the break] has been all right. Actually, last night kind of sucked…There was no hockey on. I love to watch it, too. ¬†Yesterday was bad, but today was great because you knew it’s two days away now. You wake up and it’s exciting. You go out there, have a great practice.” The energetic Recchi has scored seven points in the post-season after finishing the regular season with 48 points.

Recchi and I are both excited — I would obviously love to see the Bruins continue on. It’s the first time in 19 years the Bruins have reached the semi-finals of post-season play. Why do these wins make NHL 11 so much better to play? Scheduling games, updating stats, and connecting with other players during the post-season is so much more exciting — more and more people talk about games, making hockey a “hot” topic for broadcasters and fans.

Here are some more reasons why, as a Bruins fan during their best post-season performance in almost 20 years, I love playing NHL 11 right now:

  • NHL 11 gives me something to do during these long, boring breaks between series.
  • Playing video games, particularly through Online Dougie, allows me to connect with other Bruins fans that I may not have otherwise.
  • It brings out enjoyable rivalries between Bruins fans and other fans. The Bruins are about to play Tampa Bay — playing NHL 11 with Tampa Bay Lightning fans during this break has been an enjoyable way to beat them before the actual series even starts.

I can’t wait for tomorrow night when the Bruins and Lightnings face each other on the ice. Until then, I’ll be playing NHL 11 and watching pre-game specials on TV.

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